Vermillion County, Indiana Voter Information
      Voting Locations in Vermillion County 

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HIGHLAND--American Legion, Perrysville, Indiana 47974
EUGENE--American Legion, Cayuga, Indiana 47928
CAYUGA--Fire House, Cayuga, Indiana 47928
VERMILLION 1--Lions Club, Newport, Indiana 47966
VERMILLION 2--Lions Club, Newport, Indiana 47966
EAST HELT--Hillsdale Fire Dept., Hillsdale, Indiana 47854
DANA--Fire House, Dana, Indiana 47847
ST. BERNICE--Fire House, St. Bernice, Indiana 47875
CLINTON TWP. 1--Wayside Methodist..Church, Clinton, Indiana 47842
CLINTON TWP. 2--Clinton Twp. Water Department, Centenary, Indiana
CLINTON TWP. 3--Universal Town Hall, Universal, Indiana 47884
FAIRVIEW 1--Community Bldg., Fairview, Indiana
FAIRVIEW 2--Community Bldg., Fairview, Indiana
CLINTON CITY 1--Hillcrest Community Center 501 N. 8th St., Clinton, Indiana 47842
CLINTON CITY 2--Clinton City Municipal Building - 259 Vine St., Clinton, Indiana 47842
CLINTON CITY 3--Sacred Heart School Building behind  church, Clinton, Indiana 47842
CLINTON CITY 4--Sacred Heart School Building behind  church,  Clinton, Indiana 47842.
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